It is one of the best security options because it uses target attachment to reach the highest target and also a stop loss of no more than -6%. It works with mathematical equations made from indicators such as VWAP _ Volume Profile - ZScore - RSI and other indicators that depend on volume, and these indicators are combined into a new mathematical equation The bot relies on it in its decisions to obtain the best buying and selling opportunity

The bot works with the TS feature
It means climbing the target to reach the highest profit rate from the deal
That is, it tracks the deal to the highest price, and from its descent from the highest point it reached 5%, it closes the deal
And if he buys and does not go up and down 5%, he closes the deal
The bot framework
  Clock frame
And the meaning that it is an hourly frame means that it enters to analyze the market every hour
And if he finds a reference to any of the currencies assigned to him
He buys it, and if he can't find it, he waits another hour
And not that he opens and closes a deal every hour
If you want to close the deal, you can close it at any time from the platform it belongs to without the bot being affected
Or close the remaining deals
If you close it, you will get a profit, for example, 10%
If the bot closed on a 5% profit, you will be charged a 5%
Or if the bot closed it at a loss, you will not be charged for the profit you made
The same applies if it closed, for example, on a 10% profit
And the bot closed at 15%
You will be charged 15%
And the deal will remain with you on the site until the bot closes it for the rest of the customers
But it has already been shut down from its platform
You can also change the bot at any time
Open the home page
At the top you will find 3 lines, click on them
You will find the trading bot, click on it
Scroll down and you will find the trading bot modification
Or free trade for the bot
By clicking on it, you enter to choose to stop the bot
And if there are open deals as soon as you stop the bot, the bot closes them automatically
After about a quarter of an hour, you can activate any other bot from the home page
The same way you did the first bot

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